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emilee nimetz

Escape your past. The day will cause you 'mares as well. Come to bed.

How To Build A Home (Part 6)

Vancouver Poetry Slam

I wish my bones all of the strength that you can muster. Call on your friends of moons and suns and supernovas to help make this one come true

The Wish Poem

Vancouver Poetry Slam

Don't wear a suit.


Button Poetry, Phoenix AZ IWPS 2014

We will last-effort sort through our dying flowers and water our recycling.

The Way The World Ends

Vancouver Poetry Slam

Sometimes I wish that these fears were Comforts instead of Catalysts.

The Scared Poem

Vancouver Poetry Slam

I wonder what my notch will look like on your bedpost. It will be crooked and soft. It will be laughable. I bet you wish you have carved it off.

One Night Stand

Vancouver Poetry Slam

I was raised in a blanket of my mother's grief that she has not yet folded.

How To Build a Home (Full)

Vancouver Poetry Slam

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